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BAAR, Vladimír, 1953-

Divided national identity in Moldova / Vladimír Baar, Daniel Jakubek. -- ilustrace. -- Bibliografie. -- Obsah: This paper discusses the competing processes between Moldovan and Romanian identities for the creation of a national identity in the Republic of Moldova. The issue of a common national identity for the people of the Republic of Moldova has been a problem since the beginning of this state’s independence. Throughout the 25 years of independence, different concepts of a Moldovan nation have competed in public, scientific, and political discourse. As a result of the historical context, the region has a linguistic specificity, which is based on the example of the Romanians, Moldovans, and Russians living in this region. Through archival research, field research, and interviews with Moldovan intellectuals and officials, this study recognizes the need for a national identity in the creation of unity and a sense of nationalism for Moldovan citizens. -- In: Journal of Nationalism, Memory & Language Politics. -- ISSN 2570-5857. -- Roč. 11, č. 1, (2017), s. 58-92.

národní identita

National identity - Nationalism - Moldova

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