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Abstrakt: The thesis is focused on the role of NGOs in promoting and protecting human rights and it investigates topics like their potentials, key limitations, and increasing influence of NGOs. As a case study has been selected the Syrian civil war due to its high topicality and complexity, as well as numerous violations of human rights which indicate that there is a lot of room for further scientific research, improvement ideas, recommendations and lessons learned from their performance. For these reasons, I investigate the role of NGOs in Syrian conflict, especially what activities do they conduct to protect civilians and what are the major limitations in NGOs’ involvement. I also propose how to increase the role and influence of NGOs in Syria in decision-making processes and how to improve current shortcomings. The main hypothesis raised in this research is: performance of NGOs in human rights protection is limited due to their internal management issues, lack of proper interaction and networking with other actors and unclear strategy, among others. Thesis as such, provides a systematic research on the role of NGOs and their influence upon world affairs and policy making based on the Syrian case study. Furthermore, the research extensively analyses data about all humanitarian activities in Syria during 2017-2019 for each of the participating organizations and specifically in more details for INGOs and NNGOs. Sectors such as education, Early Recovery & Livelihoods, food and agriculture, health, Non-Food Items, nutrition, protection, shelter as well as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are investigated. This is done to show who does what, where, and when, known also as the „4Ws“, which is crucial to understand the existing gaps. In conclusion I propose lessons learned, which are summarized into the following four pillars: building coalitions among NGOs, empowerment through human rights education, NGOs’ influence in political decision-making, influence over media coverage.
Datum obhajoby: 14.09.2020
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Diplomová práce (Mgr.) -- Metropolitní univerzita Praha, o.p.s., Katedra International Relations and European Studies, 2020


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